Landing Games

Thrust Thrust – Landing an aircraft on a well taken care of runway is simple – a task any Average Joe can handle. Now landing on a foreign planet is a completely different story. Th [...]
Moonlander Moon Lander is a space rover landing game unlike any other. Not only do you have to use real science to help steer a space ship around treacherous mountains and into deep chasms; y [...]
Lunar Lander Lunar Lander – You have successfully left Earth’s atmosphere and orbited the moon. Now it is up to one brave astronaut to land on the surface of the moon and take core sample [...]
Thrust III Thrust III – You are the luckiest pilot in the galaxy. You get to control the brand new thrust machine in Thrust III. Using the arrow keys, you must very carefully work your [...]
TU 95 TU 95 – The people that tell you taking off is the easy part have obviously never tried to fly a jet of their own. Juicy Airplane Games is happy to bring you the epic TU 95. [...]
Lander Lander – So now that you have learned how to take off and how keep a giant bird in the air, how are you going to get back on to the ground? Lander is the game that challenges [...]